Corporate Headquarters

These offices, situated on the 29th floor of one of the many modern skyscrapers that define the Doha skyline, epitomize the prestigious company that commissioned the brief. The architecture makes use of the building’s curved and sinuous lines, their continuous circular motion representing the continuity and harmony of the environment. Great care has been taken to select materials that help highlight this aspect.

Dark, parallel lines stand out from the light background of the Calacatta marble, with the central yellow marble acting almost as a guide to emphasize the curves of the corridors. The glass doors and the wood panelling continue this curved theme, while in the main hall the contrast of light and dark continues through the use of different marbles, and the precious elliptical carpet around which the furnishings are placed; the furnishings were chosen not only for their impeccable design, but also with rare honey-stained ash. A gem of this project is the cylindrical aquarium set on a wooden platform. A real challenge from a technological point of view, it has been masterfully realized, with the underlying technology completely hidden, thanks to the clever use of wooden panels.

Corporate Headquarters - Middle East 2010
Designed by Design Duemila (Arch. Roberto Nicolai)

Representative Office 08
Representative Office 04
Representative Office 03
Representative Office 01
Representative Office 02
Representative Office 05

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