Embassy - Paris

The embassy occupies a ‘hôtel particulier’ (mansion) in a prestigious Parisian neighbourhood, close to the Arc de Triomphe. The building, dating back to the late-1800s, has a magnificent convex façade overlooking Place Charles de Gaulle. Built during Haussmann’s urban renovation of Paris, the palace is typically French neoclassical in style. Over the decades, it has been transformed according to its various functions; before the current restoration it was a bank.

At the beginning of the project, our priority was to create a dialogue between the existing historical elements and the new requirements indicated in the brief. The decision was made to undertake historical restorations in certain rooms, for which Alberto Pinto chose the shades of colours for the walls; the fabrics were produced in France using original looms from the 1700s; the curtains and carpets were embroidered by French artisans; and the designs for the trompe l’oeil were recreated from original sketches from the 1800s. Select pieces of antique furniture were carefully chosen in keeping with the original building style. Design 2000 oversaw the coordination and realization of this sensitive project, producing excellent results.

Paris 2009
Designed by Alberto Pinto and Design 2000

Embassy Parigi 01
Embassy Parigi 02
Embassy Parigi 03
Embassy Parigi 06
Embassy Parigi 04
Embassy Parigi 05

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