Extravagance, refinement and a sophisticated elegance – these are the dominant themes of this prestigious and luxurious beach villa, which is located in the Pearl, Doha’s most exclusive neighbourhood.
The building façades have a visual rhythm that derives from the use of classical elements such as cornices, pediments, pilasters and entablature – all of which have been cleverly reinterpreted in a measured and modern style.
Inside the house, in the large and airy triple-height reception rooms, gilded stucco surfaces exist in a harmonious relationship with the gold-leaf decorations on the ceilings and walls. The rich marble floors have at their centre inlaid rosettes, a reflection of the wonderful crystal chandeliers that hang from the frescoed ceilings. The upholstery is deep and comfortable, and the sumptuous forms of the furniture are accentuated with velvet trim.
At the heart of the villa is an elliptical staircase. Its two flights are made entirely from rare and precious marbles in shades of dark green, bright red and yellow. The use of solid steps and more than a hundred ornate balusters lend the staircase an impressive monumental aspect.
In the majlis, a ‘place of sitting’, we find an ample space that perfectly combines comfort and elegance, creating a luxurious atmosphere. The space is also rhythmically punctuated with pilasters in false Damascus red marble, which, thanks to the colour, stand out from the white walls, with their golden stucco throughout. The crystal chandeliers deserve particular mention as do the precious marble floors and the fine, entirely custom-made carpets in warm colours.
This is a function hall that, like a treasure chest, seems to celebrate the triumph of luxury and wealth. Everything is exclusive and incomparable: upholstery, stucco, gold ornamentation, rich carpentry, valuable carpets and soft lighting combine to create a gracious and welcoming ambience, enhanced by warm shades of yellows and reds.

Private Palace - Doha 2015
Design by Design 2000 (Roberto Nicolai)

Priuvate Palace Doha 01
Priuvate Palace Doha 02
Priuvate Palace Doha 03
Priuvate Palace Doha 04

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