This neoclassical family residence is like an essay in clarity and opulence.
The monumental staircase was the central focus of the project. The contrasting marbles used – dark Emperador and light Botticino – outline the classical architectural elements used to define the space. On each landing, the marble inlays embedded in the floors are particularly noteworthy, while the lighting is dominated by a centrally-placed precious crystal chandelier.
In the luxurious dining room, the imposing fireplace is the focal point, with its light and dark marbles and precious bas-relief in bronze.
Particular care was paid to each and every detail, from the structural elements to the individual furnishings.
The black and gold used in the nightclub area comes as a something of a surprise. This room owes its richness to the use of honey onyx, the precious marble floors and the gold leaf
utilized to frame the space.

Private Residence - Moscow 2011
Design by Design 2000 (Roberto Nicolai and Michela Petrini)

Private Residence Classica Moscow 01
Private Residence Classica Moscow 02
Private Residence Classica Moscow 03
Private Residence Classica Moscow 04
Residential Villa-Russia-03-28
Private Residence Classica Moscow 05

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