reverie saigon colombostile Sofa Lobby

Colombostile is one of the leading partners in the realization of the public areas of the new shining Reverie Saigon, which is the only six-star hotel in Vietnam and one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the world.

It is located in the innovative Time Square Tower of Ho Chi Minh City, that dominates the skyline of District 1 in the beating heart of the metropole. Colombostile was responsible for the design and construction of the large reception desk at 1st floor and the hotel lobby at 7th floor. More specifically, the more than 5 meters long enter counter was completely made on design. It is the result of CS designers’ creativity and was inspired by one of the Masterpieces of the company.

The supporting structure is made in royal blue color briar with refined maple inlays that create dynamism, while handmade carvings finished with gold leaf and gold leaf 24kt embellish this artwork.

The shining 7th floor lobby welcomes the transiting guests with the famous Esmeralda sofa and custom-made furniture, inspired by the “Tchaikovsky” collection.  This new and important partnership strengthens the presence of Colombostile on the Asian market. Simultaneously with the opening of Reverie Saigon, there was the inauguration of the flagship showroom, where Colombostile had the privilege to present some of its masterpieces. 

Reverie Saigon
Reverie Saigon
Reverie Saigon


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